Advanced Technical Services and Consulting for Churches

Advanced Technical Services and Consulting for Churches

Our 2017 Mission

"Do it Yourself" Church Technology

Whether it's every day office work, or just weekend services, the 21st century church has rapidly progressed with its in-house abilities to implement new technology solutions without hiring a technical company. 

This "In-house" mentality has developed in part because of low budgets and self taught volunteers. Either a church has hired a full-time technical director or has an extremely self motivated volunteer thats tech savvy.
"Do it yourself. Buy it yourself."

So why do you need us?

So, what happens to us, the integrator?
In the past, we have designed, sold, and implemented almost every solution being used in church today. However, with the church progressing, we've changed our position. Our new strategy is to assist and encourage this approach with "Consulting Services".

Taking Technology Out of the Box.

We provide a second pair of eyes you need to make sure your solution is perfect. We help by assisting you purchase equipment to ensure deadlines and budgets are met. We provide technical drawings and schematics to better ensure every sanario is thought through. 

Last, we provide Advanced Technical Services to complete the solution when the skills of the in-house technical director and/or volunteers have reached their In-house limits.


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